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WEPA Academy

Theoretical, technical, and tactical training for public and private security force professionals

WEPA Solutions is currently undergoing a facelift to deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

Like all good things, these improvements will take a little time, but the wait will be amply rewarded.

As this is a temporary site, our training courses are neither listed nor detailed.

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Launch scheduled for the end of Q3 2023

We train and educate armed professionals, police and security forces, intervention groups, special action groups (Mil), and responsible citizens.

Our mission is to give you the tools to be:

  • Safe (with your weapons),
  • Skilful (in your manipulations),
  • Accurate (shooting) and competent in all defensive/offensive actions.

We are experts in:

  • Firearms (handguns, rifles/carbines, shotguns, long-range shooting) techniques and tactics.
  • Hand-to-hand combat, knife defense, improvised weapons, and intermediate means of restraint (pepper spray, tactical baton, handcuffs).
  • Theoretical, technical, tactical, and realistic training implementing measures relating to the application of various regulations and rules of engagement (CPP/CP/LD).

We prepare you and your organization to cope with any situation and to adapt effectively to the immediate and dynamic changes inherent in the chaos of combat.

WEPA Solutions makes it a point of honor to deliver the highest level of service and is committed to providing only the most advanced training and advice available on the market to the partners who call on its services to bring real added value to public and private security forces.

We are active in Switzerland and abroad

Our teams will support you from the conceptual phase to the delivery of the training courses and related equipment, including the planning stages, selection of experts/trainers, customization of scenarios, and legal frameworks for duty.

We’ll provide basic instruction and ongoing training for your staff, ethically, rigorously, and professionally, at all times and under all conditions.


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